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What the heck do you do with a leather feather? Easy, put it in your hat.

These feathers are 7 1/2 to 8 inches long, and if you saw one on the ground you would run to pick it up!

They are done like the tail feathers of an immature Bald eagle. A mature feather would be all brown.

I make these from 7 to 8 oz veg tanned leather, cut the shape, carve in the detail, including the little lines that run from the quill out. Then skive (thin ) the edges to a feather (get it?) edge. I then treat it with a stiffener so it will keep it's shape when I curve the edges. Then paint the color and top coat to protect.

I make these in several different sizes.

Is it even legal to own an eagle feather? How many feathers are on an eagle? How long are the feathers on a mature bald eagle? If you want to know drop me an e mail and I'll send you an information sheet with the answers and more interesting facts about eagles . And no I'm not going to keep your address or add you to a mailing list or any kind of crap like that.

Contact through etsy, email at, or 252-382-0541

Leather feather

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