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Furniture these days can be very expensive and price is no longer a good indicator of quality. There are now many faux leathers (such as bonded leather & bicast) on the market. Bonded leather can be labeled in the U.S. as 100% leather, however it’s scraps (think particle board vs solid wood). It will last long enough to get out of the manufactures warranty period. In five to six years with normal use, the surface will crack and peel - sooner with heavy use. It is not repairable. No matter how cheap it is, it is not a good buy.


Over the years, David has found that older high-quality furniture is almost always worth the cost of restoration.

Repairs on some damages (such as dog chews & cat scratches) and materials (such as analine leather & nubuck) is limited and not always repairable to a showroom condition. However, oftentimes David can repair your item to a usable condition. He will always explain the limitations of each repair option.

Do you have an older piece of furniture that doesn't look so great right now? Send David pictures or give him a call! He will give you his honest opinion on if it is worth the work to restore or if you should just replace.


In many of the boats David sees, the vinyl is pretty worn or completely shot. Repair may be a good option if you have a cut or tear in your vinyl and the vinyl is still in good condition​.


However, if you have splits running through panels or seam separations, you are better off replacing.

Important things to remember:

  • If you have someone work on the vinyl of your boat please insist they use stainless steel staples. The difference in cost of steel and stainless staples is substantial. You will not notice the difference now, but you will in a few years.

  • In many older boats there are issues with rot and decay in the wood seat bases and backing boards of trim. Use someone who has the ability and willingness to replace rotted wood parts and doesn’t just cover them up.

  • Age and exposure to sun and heat will eventually dry out and cause the vinyl to fail. David uses sewing thread designed to stand up to sun and chemicals. The last solar lux thread he purchased was $175 a pound.


David offers repairs and restoration on automotive interior leather and vinyl. He also does OEM replacement seats for some major brands if the seat is past the point of repair.

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