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Business pad holder for professionals

This is designed for years of everyday hard use.

The outside leather is 12 oz veg tanned saddle skirting, the inside pockets are 5 to 6 oz, designed for the lower pockets to hold business cards, the next for brochures and notes then a place to hold full size paper.

This is so heavy that it is not lined, the back is dyed and top coated. Only in high quality leather can you not use lining (the back side of cheep leather is rough and looks awful.)The pad is held in place by a strip of leather sewn in place. All sewing is saddle stitched by hand with braided nylon thread .
The cover is close to 1/2 inch thick, its tough to sew.

This one was done for doctor, stamped with caduceus symbol, and dyed dark brown.

These can be done in different color and with just about anything stamped and carved into it.

Please direct any questions to me through etsy, email at dbcitadel [!at], or call 252-382-0541.

Leather Notebook Holder

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