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Custom designed recipe book given to a chef by her sister for Christmas. She wanted her sister to record what she thought were her best recipes.

This is made from a 4 to 5 oz pre embossed veg tanned leather. She wanted it to lock shut thus the tuck latch and tongue. I stamped her initials on the inside flap which also serves to hold cards or recipes that have not been recorded. The recipe pages are normal 8 1/2 x 11 printed and folded in half. They are held in place by a strip of leather that is sewn into the edge binding.
The embossed leather is backed with another layer of 5 oz leather. It is hand sewn with a saddle stitch and braided nylon thread all around.

The pages are easy to add or remove and allow for her to add as many as needed for the future.

A fun project that will last a lifetime. I love the idea of passing along family recipes.

Contact me through etsy, email at david [!at], or call 252-382-0541 and we can design one for you to pass down.

Recipe Book, Custom Leather

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