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This tote bag boasts both distressed leather and hair on hide for a distinctive and updated look.

In this design, the hair on hide makes up the center of the tote bag while the distressed leather is on the sides. Sure to turn heads for years to come.

This tote features black distressed leather on the sides with black and white hair on hide in the center. The solid copper rivets that hold the straps on are anchored by a leather band to reinforce for long term use. You can stuff this tote full without worrying about a handle strap coming undone.

11" tall
20" wide
7" X 15" sturdy leather bottom

NOTE: this example features a 10" drop handle, but handles can be any length you prefer. Just contact me at etsy or e-mail david [!at] or call me at 252-382-0541.

Two Leather Tote Bag

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